Matthew Tugby

Associate Member

Before joining Durham in 2013, I worked at the University of Birmingham for three years. Before that, I was a doctoral researcher on the AHRC Metaphysics of Science Project (2006-2010) at the University of Nottingham.

I work primarily on the powers theory of properties and causation, and I am interested in how this view can accommodate and inform theories of emergence. I am also working on related topics such as notions of metaphysical dependence and teleological (end-directed) causation.

Selected Publications

(2013) co-edited with Stephen Mumford, Metaphysics and Science. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

(Forthcoming) ‘Categoricalism, Dispositionalism, and the Epistemology of Properties’. Synthese.

(2013) ‘Platonic Dispositionalism’. Mind 122 (486): 451-480.

(2013) ‘Graph-theoretic Models of Dispositional Structures’. International Studies in the Philosophy of Science 27 (1): 23-39.

(2013). ‘Causal Nominalism and the One Over Many Problem’. Analysis. 73 (3): 455-462.