Tom McLeish

Project Co-Investigator

Professor Tom McLeish FRS was head of the Polymers and Complex Fluids group at the University of Leeds and directed the UK Polymer IRC (2003-8). He held an EPSRC Senior Fellowship (2000-5) and conceived and directed the large EPSRC/Industry “Microscale Polymer Processing” Consortium (2000-9) and the 2004 Newton Institute (Cambridge) programme “Biomolecules and Cells”. He was awarded the Weissenberg Medal of the European Society of Rheology (2007), the Bingham Medal of the Society of Rheology (2010 and was elected Fellow of the Royal Society in 2011. He was appointed Pro-vice-chancellor for research at Durham in 2008.

His research interests are :(i) Theory of complex fluid rheology; (ii) the role of thermal fluctuations in protein allostery and the role of noise in models of evolution coupling phenotype and genotype (iii) History and Theology of Science (including a current project with Durham colleagues on medieval science)

Selected Publications

T.C.B. McLeish, “Tube Theory of Entangled Polymer Dynamics”, Adv. Phys., 51, 1379-1527 (2002).

T. C. B. McLeish, T. L. Rodgers and M. R. Wilson, “Allostery without conformation change: modelling protein dynamics at multiple scales”, Phys. Biol. 10 056004 (2013)

D.J. Read, D. Auhl, C. Das, J. Den Doelder, M. Kapnistos, I. Vittorias and T.C.B. McLeish . “From Reaction to Rheology: Linked Molecular Models of Polymerisation Kinetics and Entangled Dynamics Predict Branched Polymer Structure and Flow”, Science, 333, 1871-1874 (2011).

M. J. Greenall, D. M. A. Buzza, T.C.B. McLeish, “Micelle shape transitions in block copolymer/homopolymer blends: Comparison of self-consistent field theory with experiment”, J. Chem. Phys., 131, 034904 (2009).

B.S. Khatri, T.C.B. McLeish and R.P. Sear, “Statistical mechanics of convergent evolution in spatial patterning”, PNAS, 106, 9564-9569 (2009)