Sophie Gibb

Project Investigator

I am a Reader in Philosophy at Durham University. My research interests lie in contemporary metaphysics (in particular, ontology) and the philosophy of mind (in particular, the mental causation debate). I am particularly interested in the ontology of the mental causation debate, and recently completed, with Professor E. J. Lowe, an AHRC research grant project on this topic.

Identifying a plausible relationship between mental and physical events that is consistent with their causal interaction is one of the perennial problems in the philosophy of mind. I hold that many of the central issues in the mental causation debate are metaphysical, where metaphysics is to be understood as the branch of philosophy that is concerned with the fundamental structure of reality as a whole. I defend a powers ontology, along with a powers theory of causation, and advance an emergent dualism within this metaphysical framework.

Selected Publications

Gibb, S. C., Lowe, E. J. & Ingthorsson, R. D. (eds) (2013). Mental Causation and Ontology. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Gibb, S. C. (Forthcoming). Mental Causation. Analysis

Gibb, S. C. (Forthcoming). The Entailment Problem and the Subset Account of Property Realization. Australasian Journal of Philosophy

Gibb, S.C. (2012). Non-reductive physicalism and the problem of strong closure. American Philosophical Quarterly 49(1): 29-42.

Gibb, S.C. (2010). Causal Closure Principles and the Laws of Conservation of Energy and Momentum. Dialectica 64(3): 363 - 384.