Alex Carruth

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Philosophy of Mind

Alex Carruth completed his PhD in Philosophy at Durham in 2013, titled “C. B. Martin’s ‘Limit View’, Distinctions of Reason and the Metaphysics of Mind”, under the supervision of Dr Sophie Gibb and Professor Jonathan Lowe. In his thesis, he argued in favour of a ‘powerful qualities’ account of properties and outlined a new neutral monist position in the mind-body debate.

Working on the Durham Emergence Project is his first full-time academic post; although he has previous part-time teaching experience covering areas such as metaphysics; philosophy of mind; logic; philosophy of science; philosophy of religion and political philosophy. He also worked as a part time research assistant on the AHRC-funded project The New Ontology of the Mental Causation Debate.

His research focusses on how recent developments in fundamental ontology and the metaphysics of causation, in particular powers theories of causation, affect the formulation and plausibility of strong emergence theses in the philosophy of mind. He is also working on issues involving the metaphysics of identity and distinctness in relation to how different varieties of emergence might be defined, drawing in part on the work of late-Scholastic metaphysician Francisco Suárez.

Alex was born in London, but has been living, studying and working in the North East for almost a decade now