18 – 22 April 2016

Concluding Conference

To be held at St Chad’s College, Durham University

Can everything be accounted for in terms of some relatively simple entities and their interactions? Or is nature hierarchically structured, with emergent entities appearing as complexity increases? What could it mean for the physical world to be ‘causally complete’? How could putative higher-level entities interact causally in a ‘downward’ fashion? Questions such as these have been at the core of the Durham Emergence Project, an interdisciplinary research initiative funded by The John Templeton Foundation.

These overarching questions will be addressed at our final conference from a variety of perspectives through panel sessions such as: Foundations of Emergence; Information; Powers; Emergence and the Mind; Scale, Topology and Matter; Realisation and Levels; Emergence in Physics

Speakers have been drawn from each of the fields of philosophy of mind, philosophy of science and physics. Talks will be grouped around theme areas, as follows.

  • Foundations of Emergence: Piers Coleman and Jessica Wilson.
  • Realisation and Levels: Carl Gillett, Vera Hoffman-Kolss, Gergely Kertesz, and Lawrence Shapiro.
  • Emergence and the Mind: Alex Carruth and Sophie Gibb.
  • Powers: Stephen Mumford and Matthew Patterson.
  • Scale, Topology, and Matter: Woowon Kang and Patrick McGivern.
  • Information: George Ellis and Dominic Horsman.
  • Emergence in Physics: Robert Bishop, Stephen Blundell, Margaret Morrison, Michael Silberstein, and Jan Zaanen.*

How to apply: The event is free and open-to-all. Please email Catherine Syson (c.m.syson@durham.ac.uk) to secure a place at the conference.

The programme can be found here