23 June 2015

One Day Workshop

A one day workshop exploring themes around Emergence, held at Van Mildert College, Durham University


10am: Stephan Leuenberger (University of Glasgow) - Supervenience without Reduction Redux

11.00am: Tea & coffee

11.15am: Peter Wyss (Open University) - Emergence and Explanation

12.15pm: Tea & coffee

12.30pm: Tom Billam (Durham University) - A Storm in a (Quantum) Teacup

1.30pm: Lunch

2.30pm: Michele Paolini Paoletti (University of Macerata) - Relations and Downward Causation

3.30pm: Tea & coffee

3.45pm: Umut Baysan (University of Glasgow) - Strong Emergence: Causal Novelty or Fundamentality

4.45pm: End