15 – 17 December 2014

Workshop #1: The Completeness of Physics: Where is the Evidence?

To be held at University College, Durham.

Opposition to the existence of downward causation is closely associated with the causal completeness (or closure) of the physical (CCP). If CCP is true, then downward causation (and therefore strong emergence) is arguably precluded. But how should CCP be formulated, and what evidence is there for it?

This workshop will bring together philosophers of mind, philosophers of science and physicists to review the arguments, aiming to identify the unstated assumptions that underlie current disagreements. The aim is to cut through the current impasse in the debate.

Confirmed participants

Carl Gillett (Northern Illinois University)

Robin Hendry (Durham University)

Andras Hütteman (Cologne University)

Brian McLaughlin (Rutgers University)

Margaret Morrison (University of Toronto/IAS ‘Emergence’ Fellow)

David Papineau (King’s College London)

Mark Pexton (Durham University)